Best Business Application for your company

We have done many systems for Japan Customers, We will realize the system that meets the customer’s request.

Below is the achievement table of the projects we have implemented. Our customers from the most fastidious Japanese customers, come to UK customers, America, Singapore, … are also very happied.

Achievement Outstanding Technology Used
  • ERP System
  • Salary System
  • Employment System
  • Human Resources System
  • Health System
  • Build project structure based on DDD principle
  • Using SQL Server, Postgres, Oracle database
  • PHP
  • Hotel Booking System
  • Room Rental system
  • Social Network System
  • CMS System
  • Auction system
  • WordPress Website
  • Create Landing Page
  • Payment with credit card and stripe
  • Integrated Neppan API
  • Integrated, AirBnb
  • Integrated Remote lock
  • Integrated Paid
  • Integrated Facebook, LINE, Pinterest, Twitter
  • .NET
  • Warehouse management system
  • Sales management system
  • Asp.Net
  • Net Core 2
  • Based on Microservice, DDD CQRS
  • MediatR, Kong
  • SQL Server, Postgres, Redis
  • Python
  • Restaurant and massage management system
  • News site